Swapfiets for Business

The bicycle your company can count on. Because we make sure it always works.

Hassle-free cycling.

Swapfiets suits every company.

Free delivery, wherever and whenever you like.

Broken bicycle?

No worries. WhatsApp us, call us or let us know with the Swapfiets app.

We will fix it.

Same day service in all of our stores during opening hours. We can also come to you and repair or exchange your Swapfiets within 48 hours. At your office. At home. Or somewhere in between.

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Our bicycles.

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  • Smart, strong as steel, retro design.
  • Guaranteed lighting with Reelight.
  • Rims with double fused wall.
  • Double Axa lock.

Deluxe 7

  • Seven gears.
  • Hand and pedal brakes.
  • Rims with double fused wall.
  • Double Axa lock.

Power 7

  • Super quality, thanks to high-quality Bosch engine.
  • Effortless speed, up to 25 km per hour.
  • Seven gears.
  • Up to 100 km on a single charge.
  • Double Axa lock.

Power 1 (not suited for delivery purposes)

  • Super Quality, thanks to high-quality Shimano engine.
  • Effortless speed, up to 25 km per hour.
  • Single gear.
  • Up to 80 km on a single charge.
  • Double Axa lock: Ring lock and extra safe chain lock.

The right program for every company.

Will your employees get their own bicycle? Are they going to share it? Or will you rent them out to guests? Anything is possible.

Employee bikes.

The always working bike that keeps your employees happy, fit and out of traffic. Add Swapfiets to your employee benefits.

  • Personal subscription per employee, one company account for all bicycles.
  • Broken bicycle? No problem. Your employees can contact us directly. We’ll repair it within 48 hours at their home, in the office or anywhere in the city. In our stores, we always offer same day service (within opening hours).
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pool bikes.

The pool bike that is always there for the convenience of your employees.

  • Fixed amount per month, one month cancellation period after 3 months.
  • All bicycles in the name of the company, one company account.
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The bike that helps your employees getting the goods to your customers in time while being environmentally friendly and carefree.

  • Each bicycle can be used by delivery riders.
  • Subscriptions can be in the name of the company or for each individual rider.
  • Broken bicycle? No problem. We’ll repair it.
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Signing up is simple.


Register your company via this form.


You will receive a contract.


We deliver the bikes.


You will receive a collective invoice every month.

Top 10 Swapfiets questions.

Where is Swapfiets for Business available?
From Amsterdam to Munich. From Antwerp to Copenhagen. You can register for Swapfiets for Business in any city where Swapfiets is active. And there are quite a few.
How many bicycles do I need to purchase?
Swapfiets for Business is available from a single bike up. Our company pool accounts can hold a maximum of 10 bikes per location. Employee bikes do not have a limit.
What is the minimum contract duration for Swapfiets for Business?
You can cancel your Employee bicycles anytime, here just one month cancellation period applies. Very handy if someone suddenly leaves. Company bicycles can be canceled anytime after an initial period of 3 months, here the one month cancellation term also applies.
Is Swapfiets for Business also possible as a day / week rental?
No, unfortunately that’s not possible, even if you pay for the minimum contract duration. Swapfiets is a bicycle subscription, not a bicycle rental company.
What do I do if a bicycle is broken?
Then call, mail or WhatsApp the Swapdesk and we will come to you to repair your bike or “swap" it for a working bike. For an Employee bike, employees can make an appointment directly via the Swapfiets app. You can also visit the Swapfiets store.
What happens if a bicycle is stolen?
Then we’ll provide a new bicycle and together we will report the theft. The company or employee will need to pay a ‘theft’ fee. That’s € 40 for the Original, € 60 for the Deluxe 7 and € 220 for the Power 7, if the bike was double locked. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.
Can I receive two keys per bicycle?
Unfortunately that is not possible. Did someone lose their key? No problem! We will bring you a spare key as soon as possible.
How can I best arrange Swapfiets for Business for tax purposes?
As of January 1, 2020 there is a new legislation, which applies an additional favourable scheme of 7% available for the private use of an employee bike. The addition for a Swapfiets for Business subscription can be compared with the addition for the private use of a company car.

Calculation example:
- A Swapfiets Original subscription costs EUR 13,64 per month
- The purchase price of the Swapfiets Original is calculated at EUR 350.
- The tax liability is 7% of the purchase price, which comes down to EUR 24,50 per year = EUR 2,04 per month.
- This amount is seen as gross salary so the employee pays tax over this amount.
- The costs for the employer are EUR 13,64 (excl. VAT) per month.
- The costs for the employee are EUR 0,76 per month, with a tax rate of 37,35% (tax bracket 1).

Another option is to let Swapfiets be part of the WKR (Work-Related Expense Scheme, or in Dutch Werkkostenregeling). The WKR allows you as an employer to offer tax-free allowances and benefits to your employees, including a bicycle.
Are there any additional costs?
Generally there are no additional costs, however based on the size and the duration of the contract, we reserve the right to charge transportation costs.