pool bikes.

The pool bike that is always there for the convenience of your employees.

  • All bicycles in the name of the company, one company account.
  • Every bicycle can be shared among employees.
  • Broken bicycle? No problem. We’ll repair it within 48 hours at the office or anywhere in the city.
  • Fixed amount per month, one month cancellation term after initial 3 months.
  • Add or cancel bicycles as desired. A pool account can hold a maximum of 10 bikes per location.
  • Saddle adjuster and numbering stickers included.


€ 16.12

€ 61.98

Deluxe 7

Power 7

  • All prices are excl. vat.
  • Possible transport costs (depending on order size).

Swapfiets' benefits

  • Flexible subscription.
  • A business account for multiple bicycles.
  • One monthly collective invoice.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Same day service in our stores. Or at a location of your choise within 48 hours.